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I would like to share fishing experience with those who enjoy the same hobby. An avid angler with small budget. So our fishing destination will be jetty and kelong. Our favourite places are Pulau Indah, Kuala Rompin, Kelong Lukut, Tanjung Dawai, Segantang Garam, Penang Bridge, Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Ketam, Sekincan, Tioman and more.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Memancing puyu di Parit Empat Sekinchan

Jeti Semeling (kompleks Jeti Sungai Merbok)

first view when you reach the jetty

Hubby and his precious kerapu. It makes him smile for hours

hassan and adib are trying their luck

Kelong Paradise

Hassan with his catch. selar is abundant in Kelong Paradise. You can caught 4 to 5 'selars' at one time

Lunch time


Hassan and ikan senangin.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kelong Mamod at Lukut N. Sembilan

My first bawal cermin, weight around 560 gram.
reeled around 5 am.

Kelong mamod is well known to anglers in klang valley. You have to book early to avoid dissappointment. It is around 10 minutes from Kuala Lukut. The service is good and the guy incharged is friendly and helpful. A nice place to retreat, but facilities like toilet is quite dreadful, especially if you are a lady angler. However, by now i'm used to it. Can't be fussy though because not many good fishing spot around.

It takes one hour drive to reach Lukut from KL. You can use serremban highway and exit Pajam. Take a route to Nilai, Sepang and Lukut. The signboard will guide you to the jetty. There are 2 kelongs, one is kelong mamod and another is kelong fauzi. Based on the rumours kelong mamod is better. Anyway, Fauzi has a good jetty at the kuala lukut. You have to pay RM3 to fish. It has facilities like suray, toilets and restaurant. We have tried fishing at the jetty, only my son caught baby sembilang.

We spend 12 hours fishing at kelong mamod. You can use apollo to catch selar and tamban. These selar and tamban can be used as bait. Regular fish at the kelong are talang, cermin and siakap. At dawn you can see siakap swimming under the kelong.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Trip to Tioman
This craziness started when we renew our hobby- fishing. Every weekend/public holiday we will be in Pulau Indah jetty. So that lead us to Pangkor Island. And then…. Our dream destination TIOMAN. The love story begin….

We didn’t plan and the idea about going to Tioman just came out 4 days before the long weekend started . So when I called Tioman all the chalet were fully booked. We just take our chance and started our journey around 6 in the morning. With map on my lap we drive to Seremban, Kuala Pilah, Batu Kikir, Bahau, Muadzam Shah, Kuala Rompin and finally Tanjung Gemuk. We past through forest, paddy field, kampongs and small towns. The view is amazing. It is an experience by it self. On our way we saw kampong orang asli,, an asli man bathing in a lake, their children relaxing by the bus stop etc.

When we reached Tanjung Gemuk, the que for ferry tickets had been 20 meters long. I joined the que and when my turn came, I was told the tickets for 12 p.m ferry was sold out. I have to wait for 4 p.m ferry. So we asked the parking boys whether they have rooms available in Tioman. After we had our lunch a dark guy approached us and offered a holiday package by a group who has cancelled their trip. My husband and I have a little discussion on our financial status, and then grabbed the opportunity.

The ferry was delayed. So the 12 p.m. ferry became 1.30 p.m ferry. It was overloaded and there aren’t enough seats for every body. We are standing in the ferry and later were told we can go up to the deck. We were up there for 1 ½ hours, enjoying the sea breeze, great view and a lot of sun.

The ferry first stop is Kampong Genting. It is where we are going to be for 3 days. The water everywhere in Tioman is so clear, it is like a glass. You can see the coral fish swimming. It is heaven on earth.

From the jetty, you have to walk around 10 minutes to reach the chalet. There is no sign board to guide us. So we just walk and stop to ask for direction. (The transportation available are bicycle and boats). The people did not look friendly, anyway after you talked to them you will find out they are nice people.

After a pain in my back, we reached the chalet. Nobody welcome us, we have to ask around for the reception counter. We found out the reception is done at the restaurant. So we wait at the gazebo by the beach. 10 minutes later a boat full of luggage reached the beach . The boatman turned out to be our reception guy , he offered us a drink and give our room key.

The 6 hours journey tire us. Only Hassan has the energy and persuade us to go to the beach. Around six p.m we went to the water confidence course. It was organized by the Chalet. After dinner we went to the jetty to try our luck on fishing. The jetty was quite crowded with the wanna be fisherman. My husband was disappointed to find out his fishing motor broke down. So I try to console him by offering my fishing rod but he refused. Much to his disappointment and other anglers, I caught my first fish few minutes later. (one apek complained ‘aiya baru datang sudah dapat ikan’ (just come but already caught a fish). After fishing for a while we decided to retreat. I offer my fish to a guy fishing next to us. He was very happy to accept it. After one last look at my fish we start our walk back to our chalet.

The next day is island hopping day. Around 9.30a.m we took a boat at the jetty. Our first island is Pulau Tulai. One of the most beautiful places for snorkeling. We have a jolly good time in the water. Swimming with the beautiful tropical fish. Feasting our eyes on corals. If you are not confident to go into the water, you can enjoy looking at the marine life from the boat. Our next destination is marine park. They said marine park housed thousands of tropical fish. When we reached the place, what we saw is hundreds of people on the jetty and hundreds more in the water. The fish are over fed that day. We can see the bread which was not touched by the fish. My husband and I just sit on the jetty and having a good time looking at beautiful and not so beautiful bodies around us.

After Marine Park, we proceed to Tekek. It is considered capital of Tioman . Our guide give us one and half hour to do our shopping at the Tekek duty free shop. Since we have no intention of shopping, we just linger around the Tekek Jetty. My husband bought some bread from the shop nearby and fed the fish. My son, Hassan, playing with his new found friends. Oh, I have forgotten to mention about our company during island hopping. We are put on the same boat with 6 families from KL. These people are really fun to be with. My son get along with their children very well. My husband gets acquainted with the daddies and unfortunately only one mum come along . Others stayed at the chalet taking care of their young ones. What a pity. I really respect these women, they don’t mind taking care of the small children while their husbands having fun island hopping.

Our last destination on the island hopping day is Pulau Renggis. It is a small island and quite near to Tekek. Snorkeling there is not really fun compare to Tulai because the current is quite strong (we are tired as well). The water not as clear compared to Tulai, I think this place is more suitable for scuba diving. The water is deep. Since we have no bread left, Hassan starting feeding the fish with the biscuits we spare for him. I have to warn him, because if he is hungry later on, we have no more biscuit left.

We reached Kampung Genting Jetty around 5 p.m. Everybody had a good time. My family make new friends. The children continue swimming at the beach by the chalet. Their parents are attacking a small ‘gerai’ (eating place) by the chalet. The mak cik served varieties of meals from nasi goreng to Maggie to keropok lekor. Her cooking is not bad but the waiting time is long.

It was raining in the late evening, So nothing much to do except relaxing in the hut by the beach. Watching the rain while waiting for the barbeque to start. Our barbeque was spoilt by the rain. We can’t eat in the open air because it was raining. So the barbecue was served in the restaurant. (What a way to enjoy barbecue). After bbq everybody retire early.

Next day is our last day in Tioman. It is a sad day. It is hard to part from something so beautiful. We walked to the jetty after breakfast. Our ferry is around 10 a.m. so we have ample time to fish. Again, much to my hubby disappointment, I caught one kerapu, but have to release it back to the sea. (it was too small to bring home).

Pulau Indah

For an angler like me Pulau Indah is the most beautiful place on earth. It is a home for Westport. Before the bridge was built the island can only be reached by boat. The last boat was at 5 p.m. The journey from port klang will take an hour to reach the island.

Pulau Indah gave me my first lesson in salt water fishing. In 1996 we used to fish on the bridge. Now we will go to the jeti roboh and anglers' park. We manage to catch duri, senangin, bawal cermin and gelama. Some lucky anglers got siakap and sembilang.

We will spend our weekend in Pulau Indah. The locals already considered us as their friends. One of them even offer to sell us a piece of land. We decided to stay in KL because even though we love outdoor, me and my hubby can never live in kampong environment. I love kampong, but i'm not good in socializing.

Life prawn and perumpun are the best bait Pulau Indah. Perumpun is expensive but a good bait for sembilang. RM5 of perumpun is only for 2 hours fishing. For RM5 you can get 30 of mix small and medium life prawns. It can last for one day. Dead prawn can be used to catch senangin, gelama and duri. Perumpun can be bought along the highway to Pulau Indah. Life prawn can be bought at the 'jeti roboh' from Atan and Ucup.

The best time for fishing is 23, 24 and 25 of every month. However, for us we will go fishing regardless of the time.